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Patients may expect a unique relationship with the doctor aimed at fostering their well-being and personal growth, and respectful of their ethnic, socio-cultural and religious background. We believe that every person has worth as an individual. Treatment or therapy is viewed as a partnership between the patient and doctor. Problem areas, goals, treatment methods, and clinical progress are clarified and monitored together. The process requires the patient's very active involvement and best efforts to modify thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Patients can expect the doctor to be honest about the clinical formulation of their problems, diagnosis, treatment, and progress. Patients are expected to be honest with the doctor about their personal and relational conflicts, problems, expectations for services, compliance with medication, and any other obstacles to treatment.

With regards to minors, you may expect the doctor to have as primary concerns the welfare and the optimal development of the child or adolescent, within the context of his family, school and community.

Since psychiatric services are best provided in an atmosphere of trust, your doctor will maintain all interactions and information confidential, except in certain limited situations.

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